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Animals and Birds

A Haven of Wild Animals and Birds

The glen of Rannoch and Tummel teams with wildlife. Roe deer can be seen on the low ground often in the early morning and at dusk grazing on open ground. They live in the wooded areas and scrub. Red squirrels are resident here, where we do not have any greys, and they can be seen scampering amongst the pines and beech woods and in the woods along the south shore of Loch Rannoch and elsewhere.

There are Scottish wildcats here but you will be extremely lucky if you see one as they are very wary of humans. Pine martens live in the woods and mink, the scourge of the waterfowl, live around the lochs. There are also hedgehogs, otters, badgers and foxes, brown hare, and mountain hare, owls, ptarmigan, red grouse, black grouse, a solitary beaver and capercailzie.


Red squirrel 2 by Scott Ward
Great Spotted Woodpecker
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On the open hills live the red deer, disappearing in summer up into the remoter areas and returning in autumn and in winter when they can sometimes be seen quite close to the roads. There is also a population living in the woods on the low ground these days and these can sometimes be seen in fields and on roadsides. Be careful particularly at dawn and dusk as they sometimes cross the roads. Red Deer have to be culled in autumn, due to overpopulation.  During the rut (mating season) September/October you can hear the stags roaring in the hills, a magnificent sound.

Birds of prey are common here and you may see golden eagles, merlin, buzzards, ospreys, peregrines, hobbys, sparrowhawks, hen harriers and kestrels.

It is important that wildlife watching does not disturb the animals and birds being viewed. Do not 'rescue' deer calves you find lying alone. It is most unlikely they have been abandoned by their mothers who will return when you have left the area.


Rannoch Hills