Kinloch Rannoch

About Rannoch & Tummel

We are a small community in a stunning landscape in Highland Perthshire based around the villages of Tummel Bridge and Kinloch Rannoch, along the shores of Loch Rannoch and Loch Tummel, and including the smaller villages of Killichonan and Bridge of Gaur. 

Interactive Map showing places in Rannoch and Tummel

Stretching from Queens View to Rannoch Station our glen is truly one of the most historically romantic areas of Scotland evocative of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobite cause and the famous Clans who once roamed here.

A Clan Trail can be followed around Loch Rannoch, where scenes of battles, hangings and deeds of daring do took place.

The glen includes the two villages of Tummel Bridge and Kinloch Rannoch as well as smaller hamlets such as Killichonan and Bridge of Gaur.

It is well worth a drive around Loch Rannoch where the views will delight, and on to a completely different landscape as you approach Rannoch Station where the road ends and from where Rannoch Moor stretches for miles to the west.

A Local Information Leaflet can be picked up in local shops, hotels and cafes.

Queens View
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Travel and Transport

Schiehallion, in Gaelic is Sidh Chailleann, is one of the most picturesque mountains of the Highlands


Rannoch Hills