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Nature & Wildlife in Rannoch

Rannoch and Tummel enjoys a wealth of wild birds and animals as well as rare plants and insects 

The glen has an exceptional variety of wildlife and interesting plants and fungi.  Its unspoilt nature means that many creatures live here that have long since become extinct or very rare elsewhere.  We even have our own unique varieties of some things.

The naturalist will appreciate the wide variety of habitats, and there are nine SSSIs to explore locally. The botanist too will find interesting plants in a wide variety of families. There is much to appreciate even while just relaxing on one of Loch Rannoch’s sandy beaches. The one at Jess Mary’s Bay (OS NN536569) for example offers great views to the east and is ideal for a picnic. Look out also for Jess Mary’s old crab apple and the Piper’s Tree nearby.

Eye Spy Wildlife Scotland
Eye Spy Wildlife Scotland

Check out the Rannoch Natural History website which is being constantly updated and includes some fascinating information. Also look at Rannoch Nature Facebook page

The glen of Rannoch and Tummel teams with wildlife.

Animals and Birds

Part of the ancient Caledonian forest

Black Wood of Rannoch

Loch Rannoch

Rannoch Hills