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Rannoch Station and Beyond

The world famous Rannoch Station on the edge of Rannoch Moor is part of the West Highland Line, a romantic and beautiful railway that travels from Glasgow to Mallaig through majestic country of heather moors, hills and viaducts.

This remote station stands in the wilderness of our own Rannoch Moor.  Built to be ready for the first train ever to run from Glasgow to Fort William, it opened on 7th August 1894.

Today it serves (and getting busier!) 4 passenger trains north and 4 trains south. One, starts and returns to London. It is truly amazing when you get to the station to immerse yourself in the vastness and beauty of the surroundings and know you could travel direct to the heart of busy old London. Look out also for the many special charter trains that trundle through at various times in the year. Steam trains and diesel trains are often on the route especially in the summer. Steam across the Moor is a sight never to be missed.

Inside the station building is the home of the Rannoch Moor Visitor Centre where you will learn the complete Rannoch Moor story. Check out the best restored signal box remaining on the line which has levers restored to their original colouring and diagram of the workings of the time.

See if you can find the “Renton Stone” at the station. This is a designated as historically significant under the Railway Heritage Act. It was erected by the navvies building the line to commemorate Mr Renton, the man who ensured the line was completed after the building was halted and looked doomed as the company had run out of money.  It is a little weather battered but still there!

Make sure you have the time to call in at the Rannoch Station Tearoom on the platform and catch up with Jenny and her team for homemade cakes and a delicious bowl of soup. (Open February to end October)

Rannoch Station is magical and unbelievable place. Make sure you put it on your list. 


Rannoch Moor winter
Rannoch Moor winter

From Rannoch Station you can walk across Rannoch Moor or picnic at Loch Laidon, or you can take a train to Corrour and walk back along the Road to the Isles path.

Rannoch Hills