Rannoch to Corrour

Rannoch Station to Corrour

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    Perth and Kinross

Rannoch Station to Corrour and back is is one of the great walks of Scotland, part of the 'Road to the Isles' from the old song.

This is one of the walks of Scotland let alone Rannoch!  A part of the Road to the Isles.  Start at Rannoch Station, where there is free parking if arriving by car. Take a morning train either the 08.46 or the 11.09 to the next station north, Corrour. (Not on Sundays!) From this, the highest railway station in the UK, your walk begins. Take the main track east from the station (no roads here!) for 1 mile. After 1 mile when adjacent to the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel (the only building you will see) you will find a new track (installed autumn 2014) to your right. Take this. You are now on the track that will take you all the way back! If anyone makes a mistake on this walk this is where it is. Make sure you take this track.

The track now starts a slow climb leaving Loch Ossian behind you. After 1 and a half miles you will see Peter’s Rock . This is a Rock with a brass memorial telling you the story of who Peter was. From here the path takes a southerly route, where you can take in some of the longest clearest views of Rannoch Moor. Look out for the old Lodge. Now a ruin but a great place to stop for your snack and drinks. Plenty of old stones to park yourself on!

After a further three miles south you will see the first small tree plantation of your walk. Just follow the same path down which will shortly bring you to a bridge over the river and then immediately over a new bridge (Summer 2015) over another river.  After this new bridge you have a little under a two mile downhill walk to the road. Turn right onto the road and 1 mile later you will arrive back at the Rannoch station. Every day March to October (except Friday’s) you will be able to call at the Rannoch Station Tea Room on your return for well-earned refreshments (open 8.30am to 4.30pm).

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